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Welcome to Namchick Farms Boer Goats

Striving to Produce Quality Breeding 

Goats at an Affordable Price


We currently have a few very nice bucks for sale. Email or call us to schedule a visit to see them.
  Our breeding does went in with the bucks on October 3, 2014. Watch for Spring 2015 kids. We will have fullblood and commercial kids available at that time.  If you see something that you feel would make a nice addition to your herd we will consider offers on any goats.



SOLD-We have a very nice 2010 24' Exiss Livestock Trailer for Sale.
Please call John with any questions. -SOLD
Thank you to Deric and Sheila Wetherell from Wetherell Farm Boer Goats on the purchase of the trailer. We hope ya'll enjoy the trailer!!!!

The love of goats started young.....

The love of goats started young.....


Instead of a cup above my is now a bucket of feed....who knew?

Instead of a cup above my is now a bucket of feed....who knew?

Hello! We are John and Lesa Namchick and we are located 60 miles south of Chicago just 2 miles off of Interstate 55.

We started raising boer goats in 2004 with four percentage does . When we started searching for a buck, we searched many websites and were intrigued by what we found. We then bought our first two fullblood registered boer goat does and a registered buck from Newtown Farms in Wilmington, Illinois.
Our goal is to produce healthy replacement breeding stock. We have many generations of a few key lines that have done really well for us.
We take great pride in our stock and want to ensure they are well taken care of once they leave the farm so we also offer to help with any goat information that we have learned through the years and love to hear updates from our customers.
We keep health records on all of our goats and keep all birth, three week, six week, nine week, and weaning weights (90 days) on all kids born here. All of our goats are sold as guaranteed breeders and are current on CDT vaccines.
Our goats have free choice hay or pasture at all times and eat Dekalb feed and free choice Kent mineral.



Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone to see if we might have what you are looking for. Tours and visits by appointment only.


Namchick Farms Boer Goats

John and Lesa Namchick
3725 S Broadway Rd
Braceville, IL 60407


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